Dandelion Leaf Tea Bags


How to Make Dandelion Tea
Dandelion Tea needs a good boil and decently long steep to extract its full flavor and optimum benefits. We like to cover our cups while steeping as well.



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What Exactly is Dandelion Leaf?
Scientifically classified in the taraxacum genus, dandelions are a member of the Asteraceae family, and native to Eurasia and North America. Every part of the dandelion is edible, and quite nutritious to boot! As incredible as this may sound, some botanists have divided dandelions as a species into as many as 2000 microspecies, with about 235 having been recorded in Great Britain and Ireland. So, with dandelions being so prevalent the world over, it’s a good thing they’re so good for you! Let’s dig in a bit deeper now on that front now.

Interesting Notes About Dandelion Leaf Tea
Leaves, stems, flowers and roots are all edible, and all boast nutritional value. From a sautéed side dish, to an ingredient in salads, to wine, a caffeine-free coffee, and even part of a traditional British soft drink, dandelion obviously has not been overlooked throughout the history of civilization. As a medicinal plant, dandelion has been used for thousands of years, and history reports its use in treating a variety of mild to severe conditions. Loaded with vitamins and minerals, most especially vitamins A, C, and K, the easiest way to get your dandy on is enjoying a simple cup of Buddha Teas Dandelion Leaf Tea.


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