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“After 15 days of taking the Lipotropic Complex Fat Buster, I’ve noticed more focus, I’m very energetic and noticing my inner thighs and abdomen are losing inches. I’m a full-time student and work full-time, so this dietary supplement helps me so much mentally and physically.”
Athena, RN, Westminster, CA

“I have hypertension and was taking a blood pressure pill, when I started taking Lipotropic Complex, I have noticed my blood pressure is trending down. So now I am only taking a half a pill of my blood pressure. What I have noticed also, is that it suppresses my appetite about 20% (not bad!), gives me lots of energy and maintains my weight.”
Craig R., Orange, CA

“The LipoShot is a convenient ‘grab-to-go’. I take it before I work out and it gives me full energy and mental focus.”
Shanna N., Costa Mesa, CA

“Ever since I started taking the In Balance Vanilla Shake, I have noticed I am not bloated anymore! It gives me energy and is a very tasty vanilla shake. It controls hunger until my next meal. I would recommend!”
Tiffany J., Irvine, CA