Why Choose Smart N Slim?

The best products for better health and a slimmer body

You’ve doubtless seen hundreds of products, plans, books, videos…everything you can think of promising faster and lasting weight loss while improving your life. Maybe you’ve even tried a few. Smart N Slim would like to offer you a completely natural way to feel better, lose weight and look fantastic, when paired with a healthy diet and regular exercise program, this formula can improve your Weight Loss.

Our supplements and shakes are based on science that will help you burn fat and boost your:

  • Energy
  • Stamina
  • Quality of Sleep
  • Mood
  • Enhanced Mental Clarity
  • Immune System

The Face Behind Smart N Slim:  Janet Robson, Founder  

Janet Robson,  is a 15-year nurse practitioner, with a Master’s Degree in Science,  who is passionate about assisting her patients attain optimal health. Through integrative holistic medicine, wellness, and weight loss, she helps individuals from all walks of life achieve healthier, happier, and longer lives.

After coming to the realization that most supplements on the market use low quality ingredients that offer poor absorption, she developed Smart N Slim with her proprietary blend  of B12 Lipotropic Complex  and is pleased to use it herself and offer it to the patients at her weight loss clinic.

Using only the highest quality ingredients, proven to aid in weight loss and to play an important role in speeding up the removal of fat within the liver, my supplements remove fat deposits efficiently  when combined with diet and exercise regimen. You’ll feel a boost in your energy level and your stamina while experiencing better mood, sleep & mental clarity. How’s that for side effects?!

Best Health,

Ms.Jan, MSN, NP
Primary Care Internal Medicine, Integrative Alternative Holistic Care
Masters Degree in Science